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Garreg Lwyd Hill Wind Farm became fully operational in Spring 2017. The seventeen turbine project has an installed capacity of 34MW, which is sufficient to meet the average annual electricity demand of more than 26,000 homes.* 

The communities closest to the Garreg Lwyd Hill Wind Farm will benefit from RES' community benefits package, which provides £5,000 per installed megawatt each year during the wind farm's 25 year operational lifetime. This includes a Community Benefit Fund and an innovative Local Electricity Discount Scheme (LEDS), which offers nearest neighbours a discount on their annual electricity bill.

*The homes equivalent has been calculated by taking the predicted annual electricity generation of the site (based on RES analysis, Garreg Lwyd Hill Wind Farm has a predicted capacity factor of 40.89%) and dividing this by the annual average electricity consumption figures from the Department of Energy and Climate Change 2014 (4092kWh). The results have then been compared with 2011 Census data.